The sharpest corners by balancing your body

Is it a go-kart? or is it a motorbike? With this race-monster on three wheels, you get the best of both and the best of you too! By balancing your body, you can take the sharpest corners and complete the coolest manoeuvres. You and your Street-X will combine to create a whirlwind on wheels.

The new Street-X comes in two designs: the Venom and the Vibes. Whatever you choose, the features are the same. They both have BFR systems, which allow you to brake with the pedals and immediately reverse from a standstill. Which makes you more flexible than ever!

BERG Street-X Venom

BERG Street-X Vibes


Intuitive riding and braking with the BFR systeem

The BERG Street-X is equipped with the unique BFR-system. BFR stands for: Break, Freewheel and Reverse. The BFR-system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill. This makes the BERG Street-X super simple and easy to ride. In addition, safety and maximum fun are perfectly combined due to the BFR-system.


Steering by moving your body

Experience a whole new way of steering by moving your entire body. This movement lets you feel like you’re riding a motorbike. The faster you go, the greater it feels.


Equipped with special handguards

You make sharp turns with your entire body by holding onto the comfortable handles of the BERG Street-X. They are equipped with special hand guards so you are always protected against everything that you may encounter on the road.


Which BERG Street-X will you choose?

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