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Image of Ultim Elite trampoline

1. Perfect integration
3. Larger jumps better
3. Larger jumps better
4. Rectangular advantages

Which cool tricks would you show?

Did you know that you can make 56 different combos on the Ultim Elite with the Aerowall?! Tap the wall with your hands, push off for a backflip, or walk against it and land on your back. Now you can go freestyle on the BERG Ultim Elite with Aerowall.

Pushing the limits of innovation, safety and fun

Image of Ultim Elite trampoline with Airflow

Image of a BERG Airflow jump mat

Less resistance with the BERG AirFlow jumping mat

This jumping cloth is 50% more air-permeable than a standard jumping cloth. This ensures less (air) resistance during jumping, which makes you jump higher.

Image of a BERG Twinspring

Larger jumping surface with TwinSpring Gold

The slanted TwinSpring Gold springs ensure a larger jumping surface. This way you can also jump nice and light on the sides of the trampoline cloth!
Patented Drop Stitch Technology
The unique AeroWall is designed for (extreme) tricks by the real jumpers. The Wall is pumped up and attached to a super rigid and solid frame. This makes the Wall very sturdy and suitable to hit against.
Patent iconThe Wall is easy to install and remove. Our patented 'Drop Stich Technology' ensures that the jumping surface of the AeroWall is always super tight.

Image of a BERG Ultim Elite Aerowall

This is what makes the Ultim elite so ultimate

Image of a BERG Ultim Elite

Rectangular shape for a larger jumping surface

Like the Olympic trampolines, this Ultim Elite has a rectangular shape. This ensures that you can jump super fine over the entire length and width.

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Image of a BERG Ultim Elite

Longer longevity due to Elite protective padding

This foam layer consists of the water-repellent 'closed cell foam'. The foam in the Elite protective edge is surrounded by a thick, weather-resistant outer layer of reinforced PVC.

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Image of a BERG Ultim Elite

Patended Gapless protective padding is more safe

The gapless protective edge consists of one continuous piece of foam. This ensures complete protection of the springs and the frame.

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Image of a BERG Ultim Elite

Patented frame ensures for more safety

The rectangular box frame of the Ultim Elite FlatGround is high quality and very strong. As a result, the trampoline does not move and the trampoline is low in noise.

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