Stimulating development with Innovative trampoline game

Trampolines developed together with primary education

BERG has developed a game for trampolines in collaboration with primary school teachers. BERG Levels is an innovative game that encourages children to learn and develop in a fun way. The Levels game is a game where children can play together or alone and improve their jumping techniques, memory and mathematical skills. The 'levels' vary from fun basic games to physically and mentally challenging trainings.

BERG Levels trampolines are equipped with a life-size jumping mat with colored symbols, three soft game balls and a game explanation card in six languages. A cheerful and active game for every child.

BERG Levels balls

This makes the BERG Levels game super cool

Esteiras de salto com impressão colorida brilhante especial

Jumping mats with special brightly colored print

The BERG Levels trampoline has a jumping mat with a special print. The bright colors on the jumping mat and the game balls give the trampoline a playful look. BERG has also developed three unique game balls

Três bolas de jogo exclusivas com impressão repelente de água

Three unique game balls with water-repellent print

The three unique user-friendly game balls are made of water-repellent closed cell foam. With this you can endlessly create new games.

Cartas de jogar para desenvolvimento cognitivo

Playing cards for cognitive development

To stimulate children to learn and develop, BERG developed three games with different levels of balance, calculation skills and memory training in collaboration with primary education.

Bolsa com clip para armazenamento de bolas e cartões de jogo

Clip-on bag for storage of game balls and cards

The Levels game has an easy 'clip-on bag'. This way you can neatly store the play balls and the game explanation cards and your Levels game will last for many years.


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