If you opt for the Champion, you already know all about jumping. You want more, you want higher, so you'll get better. You will be amazed at your own jumping power. With more time in the air, you have more time for your tricks. With the Champion, you get even more enjoyment out of your trampoline. The Champion, with a completely new design, is available as a round, rectangular or oval trampoline.

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Here it is. We are proud to present the BERG Champion ECO. This is the world's first fully circular trampoline. All materials have been carefully developed so that they not only have an incredibly long lifespan, but can also be easily reused after use. With this trampoline, we want to show that the future is sustainable. By making more sustainable choices now, the world around us is getting better, bit by bit. Not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come.

BERG Ultim Champion ECO

BERG Champion  USP 1

AirFlow and Airflow Pro jumping mat

AirFlow and AirFlow Pro jumping mat let more air through. That creates less resistance and lets you jump even higher. High-quality material for young and old that will last for years. In addition, the AirFlow Pro fabric has an overlap that rests over the springs. This provides extra safety because it means you are less likely to get caught between the springs. The AirFlow Pro is available as standard on all rectangular (Ultim) and fully buried (FlatGround) Champion trampolines.

BERG Ultim Champion FlatGround 2x2 USP 2


You jump even higher with TwinSpring springs. These are smart mounted in a V-shape. More springs, so more jumping power. Experience the difference yourself!

BERG Ultim Champion FlatGround 2x2 USP 3

Extra thick UV-resistant protective edge

If you jump higher, you can use some extra protection. The thick protective edge provides you with safety and is UV resistant.

BERG Champion USP 4

Super strong frame

More jumping power means a greater load on the frame. This frame can handle that with ease, making it extra safe.

BERG Champion USP 6

Safety Net Deluxe / Safety Net Deluxe XL

You can only do high jumps and cool tricks when you are sure of your environment. The Safety Net Deluxe (XL) provides exactly the safety you need.

BERG Champion USP 6

Dimensions and shapes

Have you already decided what height your trampoline should be? Perhaps you'll opt for a trampoline on legs, that is easy to move. Or would you prefer a largely buried trampoline with a low step? Then the InGround is the trampoline you are looking for. Are you looking for a fully buried trampoline with minimal step? Then the FlatGround is at the right height for you. You also have to make a choice about the dimensions. The Champion is available as a round, oval (Grand) or rectangular (Ultim) trampoline.

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