BERG Passenger seat Safari

BERG Passenger seat Safari
BERG Passenger seat Safari

Head out on an adventure together! With a BERG Passenger Seat, you can take an extra passenger along on the back of your go-kart. The armrests make the ride comfortable and easy for the other passenger. Who will join you on a journey of discovery? The maximum load-bearing weight for the passenger seat is 30 kg. Please note: a passenger seat cannot be installed in combination with a rollbar.


All passenger seats are only suitable for the XL platform (XL models). All XL models are robust enough to bear the weight of several people and the distance to the ground leaves enough room for legs.
With the Rally and Buddy models, this is not the case. These models are not suitable or equipped for a passenger seat.
In addition, the steel pin of the passenger seat doesn't fit the seat hole of this model.

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