BERG Ultim Champion ECO

BERG Ultim Champion ECO
BERG Ultim Champion ECO

With the BERG Champion ECO trampoline we want to show that trampoline jumping can be better for the climate. Because this Champion trampoline is the world's first fully circular trampoline. We have carefully developed it to have a much longer long lifespan. At the end of its life cycle, all materials can easily be reused. That means that when you choose a Champion ECO trampoline, you choose consciously and sustainably.

• Completely circular
• Sustainable components
• Choice of Regular or FlatGround design

The padding
The Champion ECO features safe and high-quality padding with all the great qualities you would expect from a padding, but durable.
It idoes not wrinkle and has a natural look & feel. The material is also self-cleaning, so dirty weather cannot beat this padding

TwinSpring springs
The TwinSpring springs of the Champion ECO have an extra long lifespan. This is thanks to the special coating, which is also more environmentally friendly.

AirFlow jumping mat
AirFlow Pro technology is used for the jumping mat. This mat has an optimal weave that allows better airflow. Less air resistance means higher jumps, and that is what you want! The mat is also extra safe, as it has an overlap at the springs.

FlatGround trampoline
A FlatGround trampoline blends perfectly into your garden. That is because FlatGround means that the trampoline is, literaily, flat with the ground.
You can also choose from a Regular version of the ECO. That is a version with a trampoline on a frame.

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