BERG AirTrack Sport 500

BERG AirTrack Sport 500
Building skills starts with the surface

You can practice your skills at home, with friends or anywhere at all, with BERG AirTracks. This innovative air mat offers you the perfect surface for performing all your moves and tricks perfectly. BERG AirTracks provide plenty of grip and can be adjusted to the bounce level you prefer.

All BERG AirTracks come with clever connecting strips, so you can extend your surface as much as you want. It is easy to take them anywhere, and they can be inflated quickly using the hand pump. With a BERG AirTrack as a surface, you can move however you want, safely and in comfort. Perfect for fitness, gym, dance and yoga.

BERG AirTracks come in three versions: for recreational use there are the AirTrack Home 300 and 500. These are 100 cm wide and up to 10 cm thick. The AirTrack Sport 500 is wider (140 cm) and also thicker (20 cm), making it also suitable for experienced athletes. The material is extremely strong and lightweight. Use the pump to empty all the air out of the AirTrack after use and the AirTrack hardly takes up any space at all.

Art. Nr.ModelLengthWidth (cm)Thickness (cm) AirTrack Home 30030010010 AirTrack Home 50050010010 AirTrack Sport 50050014020
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