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"Jumping gives an amazingly free feeling, and learning new tricks gives you the best adrenaline feeling you can get."

Jesse Heffels started his journey as a gymnast, but since 2016 he is focusing on trampoline tricks. He makes the most amazing content! In 2020 he became part of the BERG Masters of Bounce crew and we have made really nice content together ever since.


Why did you start jumping?
When I was younger I always used to do Gymnastics! Although I never really practiced trampolining during my training, I really enjoyed jumping on them in the last few minutes of my training sessions. After quitting gymnastics in 2013, I never really got back into flips or gymnastics until summer 2016, when I ran into ‘Jake Burke’ his Instagram account. He had over 5000 followers back then, all grown from posting flip videos!

What is the coolest trick you are able to do right now?
On every training day I’m always able to throw some triple flips without any problems. If I have a really good day, and I’m feeling like it, I can even do a quadruple backflip. I have landed this several times, but only on a super trampoline.

What motives you?
The love and support I get from my fans is truly what motivates me the most! But also of course all the amazing adventures I get to experience!

What feeling does jumping give you?
Jumping gives an amazingly free feeling, and learning new tricks gives you the best adrenaline feeling you can get. To finally land or learn something you have been practicing on for weeks, months or even years, is the best feeling there is. But most importantly for me, jumping around with friends is the most fun of the whole jumping part!

Which BERG trampoline do you have and what do you think of it?
I have the BERG Ultim Elite 500 and the BERG Champion. I love both of them! I mostly use the Champion to train my twisting on, since I prefer circle trampolines for twisting. And I use the Ultim Elite mostly for big tricks!

Why did you choose to collaborate with BERG?
BERG always seemed like a great brand to me, looking at what they have been doing for the trampoline community the last few years such as events etc. In addition, BERG is also a Dutch company, with their headquarters based in The Netherlands too. Thinking of the fact that we both focus on an International audience, but both being Dutch makes up for an awesome and comfortable collab!

What do you think about BERG and the collaboration with BERG?
I have been working with BERG for 1 year now, and I wouldn’t change anything we’ve done. We’ve done amazing projects together, and we’ve put out some amazing content together. The team is great, and I love working with the people from BERG just as much as with BERG itself.

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