BERG x Jesse Heffels AirTrack Home 500

BERG x Jesse Heffels AirTrack Home 500
BERG x Jesse Heffels AirTrack Home 500

BERG developed this AirTrack in collaboration with Jesse Heffels. Especially for the real Jesse Heffels fans! This innovative air mat offers the perfect surface on which to perform all your moves and tricks. Make the most fantastic jumps on this training mat!

Free hand pump

All BERG AirTracks are supplied with a hand pump with which you can adjust the springiness of the AirTrack. This means you can pump up the AirTrack and use it where ever you want.

Can be expanded with clever connection strips

All BERG AirTracks have clever connection strips, with which the surface net can be expanded as much as you want. For example, two or three training mats can be joined together. Pretty handy!Multifunctional The training mat material is very strong and lightweight. Exercise safely and comfortably anywhere, with an BERG AirTrack mat. This training mat is ideal for fitness, gym, dance and yoga. So it's multifunctional!

Easy to carry and move around

After your jump session, simply pop the AirTrack in the supplied bag and take it with you. The handles make the training mat easy to move around.

Art. Nr. Model Length Width (cm) Thickness (cm) BERG x Jesse Heffels AirTrack Home 500 500 100 10

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