BERG SPORTS Ultim Pro Bouncer Regular 5x5 + Safety Net XL

BERG SPORTS Ultim Pro Bouncer Regular 5x5 + Safety Net XL
BERG SPORTS Ultim Pro Bouncer Regular 5x5 + Safety Net XL
Get the best out of yourself with the BERG Pro Bouncer. This SPORTS trampoline is now also available as a 5x5 version. This enormous jumping surface is larger than that of the rectangular Pro Bouncer. This allows you to jump even higher on your 5x5.
The trampoline is finished in every way. Every detail is right. That means you can go all the way with your coolest tricks.

• Largest jumping surface.
• Choice of FlatGround or Regular.
• Different versions with AeroWall or Safety Net Deluxe XL available.

AirFlow jumping mat
The AirFlow Pro technique is used for the Pro Bouncer 5x5's jumping mat. This mat has an optimal weave that allows better airflow. Less air resistance means higher jumps, and that is what you want! The mat is also extra safe, as the mat has an overlap at the springs.

TwinSpring Pro springs
TwinSpring Pro springs are extra long and have more windings. By combining this with the V-arrangement that you install them in, you can reach unprecedented heights on this trampoline.

Strong and extra high frame
The frame of the Pro Bouncer 5x5 is strong and has a double coating. This coating ensures years of protection. The regular version of the 5x5 and that gives it an extra-high frame compared to other trampolines. So you can safely continue to reach for the highest jumps.

Extra thick and UV-resistant protective edge
The protective edge is extra thick, so you land softly and safely if you fall. The edge is UV-resistant and can withstand weather influences. In addition to safety, this contributes to the longevity of your padding.

Safety Net Deluxe XL
This safety net is suitable for both the FlatGround and Regular versions of the Pro Bouncer 5x5 trampoline. With the Safety Net Deluxe XL, you are always guaranteed a safe landing.

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