2006 / SWEDEN


"It’s amazing that there are always new ways to improve my skills and learn new tricks"

Sebastian Wennmalm (better known as Sebbe) is an amazing upcoming talent! Since 2020 he is part of BERG Masters of Bounce. He is only 15 years old, but he already makes the most spectacular tricks on our trampolines and AirTracks.


What is the coolest trick you are able to do right now?
The best trick I have ever done is either full full full to 1234 in codies (triple back flip with 3 twists to stomach to single - double - triple - quad backflip in a row, all from stomach. Or quad backflip with 4 twist.

Which trick do you want to learn?
I would like to learn full full full landed (triple twisting triple backflip to feet).

Is there someone who has inspired you to start jumping?
Rasmus Bøgvaad from Denmark who is a team gymnast and also into garden trampolining. I began to watch his videos in 2012.

With whom do you want to make a video?
It would be fun to record a video with Tanner Braungardt since he has always been a big inspiration to me!

What feeling does jumping give you?
It’s freedom for me, I love to feel the air while I’m in a flip, and it’s amazing that there’s always new ways to improve my skills and learn new tricks!

Which BERG Trampoline do you have and what do you think of it?
I have the BERG circle 14ft and the BERG Ultim Elite 500! I genuinely like them both a lot. The BERG Ultim Elite 500 is better for people that are on a higher level of trampoline and the BERG circle 14 ft are better for smaller kids, even though pro jumpers can use it as well! I like to train on both!

Why did you choose to collaborate with BERG?
I chose to collaborate with BERG because I’ve always liked their circle trampolines since some of my friends had them and when they said that they would launch a rectangular trampoline, I knew that it was going to be a good and high quality trampoline!

What do you think about BERG and the collaboration with BERG?
I love both my trampolines from BERG, and it has been a lovely time collaborating with them. I went to the Netherlands in September 2020 and thought that they were really kind and easy to work with!

BERG Action photo