MOOV is a unique building toy with which you keep on playing! Using the rings, wheels, axles and other parts in the construction kit, you can build the nicest bikes, scooters, racers and more. All this without the need for tools, simply with your own hands! Is your model finished? You can just like that play with it! You can play with it indoors, but a spin through the neighbourhood can also be real cool. Feel like remodelling it? You can take MOOV apart very easily and build something new. MOOV is a creative toy, so with just a bit of fantasy, you can create your own MOOV model!

MOOV Starter Kit

In the Starter Kit there are 125 separate parts including two wheels. Among other things the components consist of red rings, axles. The instructions show step-by-step how you can make the Bike, Crane and Snowscooter. But what is extra special is that you can think up and create all sorts of things yourself! Have you finished playing? Then get started and build something new!

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MOOV Advanced Kit

You just keep playing with this wonderful toy! The Advanced Kit consists of 150 parts, including three wheels. Will you follow the instructions showing how to make the Crane, Scooter, Bike, Dino Bird, Helicopter, Snowscooter or Chopper, or are you going to think up something yourself? Once the model is finished then the game can begin. And if you think it’s time for something new, then it’s easy to simply create something different!.

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MOOV Street Kit

The Street Kit consists of 175 parts including four wheels. With all these parts you can create at least 10 constructions! Using the instructions you can build the following: Bike, Snowscooter, Crane, Chopper, Dino Bird, Trike, Helicopter, Carver, Racer or Scooter! But what’s really great about MOOV is that you can build your own ideas. You don’t need any tools and it’s easy to dismantle.

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