Why choose a BERG Trampoline?

There are various trampoline suppliers, so why is a BERG Trampoline the best choice? Below you can read what makes a BERG Trampoline so unique:


Jumping on a trampoline is great fun, but safety is also very important.
That's why safety is the number 1 core value of BERG:

  • All trampolines - including accessories - are developed and designed with
    safety as the main core value. The safety of each BERG Trampoline is
    extensively tested.
  • Each BERG Trampoline is fitted with a protective edge which
    covers the springs and the steel frame.
  • Each BERG frame is equipped with several strong connection pins.
    The advantage of this is that the connection pins connect all the
    component parts together. They also ensure that the legs underneath
    the trampoline do not fall off
    when the trampoline is moved from A to B.
  • There are several types of safety nets, because BERG also wants to guarantee the safety during trampolining as much as possible.


BERG believes that you should be able toenjoy its outdoor toys for many years. Our core value quality guarantees years of playtime fun.

Trampoline padding

The materials used for all BERG Trampolines are carefully selected and of a high quality. This is apparent from the very high quality BERG Elite+ protective edge, the thick wire used by BERG for the Goldspring+ springs and the thick steel frames of the BERG Trampolines.

Trampoline springAll springs used in our trampolines are elastic, supple and finished with athick, rustproof layer of zinc. That is why you can keep on trampolining much longer.

All materials meet the prescribed, legal quality requirements and, in some cases, even exceed them.

The woven jumping mat is attached by springs to the trampoline frame through triangular eyes, each of which has been stitched through eight times. This ensures optimum strength and safety

The combination of a well-finished frame at the welding seams, a thick rustproof layer of zinc inside and out, a large diameter and the large wall thickness of the steel ensure a sturdy and solid frame.


All BERG Trampolines last for many years, so that everyone can enjoy lots of playtime fun. From the very first moment to many years later, it should put a smile on your face.

All trampolines are tested and, where possible, improved in order to try and achieve ‘the perfect jump’.
• There is even a unique Tattoo jumping mat game to make trampolining even more fun.
• There are several BERG Trampolines. There is a suitable model for everyone. Let the fun begin!

These three core values are safeguarded by the BERG Development department. The team of developers and designers ensure that these core values are placed at the top of the list each day!

BERG testpanel