trampolines flatground

trampolines flatground

Would you like a trampoline that is in harmony with your garden? Then choose the unique BERG FlatGround Champion trampoline. This innovative trampoline is designed to suit your garden. The FlatGround Champion can be dug into the ground so that it fully integrates with your garden and becomes less noticeable. It is also easy to step onto because it is so close to the ground.

BERG Quality
The quality of BERG Products is very high, to give you many years of trampolining pleasure. Only the very best materials are used by BERG, such as the Airflow jumping mat and the TwinSpring Gold springs. Whichever BERG FlatGround trampoline you choose, it will always be a real BERG: real quality.

BERG Innovation
BERG works continuously on improving its products. Due to the unique BERG Airflow jumping mat, which has 50% greater airflow, and the TwinSpring Gold springs, this trampoline provides extra bounce. The protective edge rests on special noise-reducing belts which allow the air under the trampoline to escape. As a result, you feel little resistance when jumping and the protective edge does not rattle against the jumping mat.

BERG Design
The BERG FlatGround Champion trampoline is available with a grey or a green protective edge with a diameter of 430 cm. Also, it is easy to assemble and install thanks to the unique patented frame.

Trampolining is great fun but also very healthy! Make the best jumps and have lots of fun with your BERG FlatGround trampoline!