Play the BERG trampoline Tattoo game together with your friends. Read below how to play the Tattoo game. Have fun!Tattoo game
Tattoo game
What do you need to play?

  • A BERG trampoline with a Tattoo jumping mat.
  • 2 – 10 players

The Tattoo game can be played by anyone over the age of 6.

What is the BERG trampoline Tattoo game?
The colored icons on the BERG Tattoo trampoline represent the movements and trampoline jumps that you need to make. In the middle of the mat you can make any jump you like. Of course, you can also determine for yourself which jump belongs to which icon.

Rules of the Tattoo game
You can decide together with your friends of course how you want to play the BERG Tattoo game, but to help you on your way we have set out some general rules.

  1. Everyone playing the game must jump in turn. The aim is to jump on the trampoline as long as possible. The person who jumps the longest is the winner!
  2. When it is your turn to jump, your friends have to tell you which jump to make. If they say that you have to jump on your knees, then you have to go to that icon as quickly as possible and jump as you should at that icon. If you make the wrong jump or if you are too late, then you are out. It is then the turn of the next person.
  3. Between the jumps called out by your friends, you must first jump back to the middle of the mat. Watch it though: you may only jump a maximum of 5 times in the middle before going to the next icon.

Tatoo 1aStand on the trampoline with your face towards the middle of the trampoline. Jump a couple of times on the trampoline to gain height. Then land on your knees. Who is making the best jump? Can you land on your knees two times in a row and still jump high?

Tattoo 2This time, jump in a different way. Jump as well as you can and land on the printed feet. If you want to make it more difficult, then add a twist to your jump! Did you manage to land neatly on the icon? 

Tattoo 3Jump as well as you can and land on the trampoline on your bottom. You will notice that you bounce upwards again. How often can you do this in a row? Can you manage to land on your bottom and then on your feet and then on your knees?

Tattoo 4Are you flexible enough to land on your hands and feet on the jumping mat? Give it a go!

Tattoo 5Stand on the trampoline with your face towards the edge and jump as well as you can and then land on both feet. During jumping, can you manage to try to pull your feet up as far as possible so that they touch your bottom? You will jump even better this way! 

Tattoo 6Jump as high as you can! Then land on your back with your arms spread out as much as possible. Can you jump back up on your feet after landing on your back?