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Junior Rides
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An important part of the BERG trampoline with a diameter of 330 cm is the protective edge, also called padding. BERG also devotes a great deal of time and attention to this part of the trampoline. Each protective edge of 330 cm has its own unique specifications.


Protective edge BERG Favorit 330

The thickness of the protective edge on the round steel frame is 2 cm, and above the springs the edge is 1 cm thick.  The width of the padding is 38 cm, thus falling over the springs of the trampoline. 


Protective edge BERG Champion 330

The entire protective edge of the BERG Champion is 3 cm thick, providing the same protection everywhere, and is made of weather-proof PVC. The width of the edge is 38 cm, thus falling well over the springs of the trampoline.

Besides being available green, this quality protective edge also comes in stylish grey.


Protective edge BERG Elite+ 330

The protective edge of the BERG Elite+ trampoline is top quality and is even used in large recreation parks where trampolining is practised intensively. During the manufacturing of an Elite+ protective edge, many people work together to achieve as taut a fit as possible. This makes it very safe because it means that nothing can get underneath the padding! The special UV protective layer ensures an extremely long lifetime, giving you real value for money. This edge is available in green and red.


Each edge can be purchased separately and fits any BERG trampoline with a diameter of 330 cm.