Commercial trampolines

Commercial trampolines
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A trampoline edge 180 not only looks good, it is also an important part in ensuring the safety of trampolining. If there is no edge around a trampoline, there is every risk of the trampolinist injuring his/her hands or feet on the springs. All BERG trampolines are delivered with a protective edge as standard. However, the edge may need to be replaced at some point. This is why edges are also available separately.


BERG sells protective edges for every type of trampoline in various diameters. The edge for the 180 centimetre trampoline is available in green. This 180 centimetre trampoline belongs to the BERG Talent trampoline line. This BERG Line has been designed for small gardens. A Talent is available in diameters of 180, 240 or 300 centimetres.


The trampoline edge 180 consists of 2 parts: the 17 mm thick foam layer and the 0.35 mm thick PVC covering. Both parts are waterproof and water-repellent. Consequently, the edge will not remain wet for long and the wear will be minimal. The edge is 290 mm wide and more than overlaps the springs. Because the trampoline edge 180 can be firmly attached, it remains in place during trampolining.


Tip: check the edge regularly to make sure that it’s still up to standard and still firmly in place. This will prevent accidents!