Commercial go-karts

Commercial go-karts
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Very many children find trampolining fun, which is why BERG has specially designed the 180 cm trampoline with safety net for the small garden. Everyone can now practise trampolining in safety! This is the smallest BERG trampoline, but this affordable trampoline has a great bounce and the quality is what you expect from BERG. The trampoline is 2 metres high, including the safety net.


Each part of this trampoline has been well thought out and passed all the stringent product tests with flying colours. So everything is as safe as it can possibly be. The flexible springs are sufficiently covered by the 290 mm wide protective edge. This edge is made from foam and covered by PVC, both of which are water-repellent. The edge can be firmly attached to the trampoline so that it doesn’t slip when trampolining.


The six legs make the trampoline sturdy and the BERG Safety Net Comfort makes it extra safe. The frame is rustproof due to its durable layer of zinc. The jumping mat is also durable due to the strong material. Will you soon be putting this trampoline together?


This 180 cm trampoline with safety net belongs to the BERG Talent line. This line also includes a trampoline of 240 cm and a trampoline of 300 cm.