Installing an InGround trampoline

Would you like a trampoline that is nicely concealed in your garden?  In that case a BERG InGround trampoline is the one for you. These trampolines are largely sunk into the ground, giving you the pleasure of a beautiful view. The trampolines are nicely concealed. Since the trampoline is level with the ground, it also makes it easier and safer to step onto.  

BERG InGround Trampolines are available in various shapes and sizes. They are also available with or without a Safety Net. And you have a choice of protective edges in various colours! In short, there is always a BERG InGround trampoline to suit you!

The advantages of a BERG InGround Trampoline

Are you still uncertain as to why you should choose an InGround Trampoline? Read here about the advantages of this type of trampoline: 

  • Less digging: the unique design means that the hole underneath the trampoline does not need to be that deep. It will save you a lot of digging!
  • Durable:the short legs on this trampoline are not sunk into the ground and will therefore not easily rust. As a result, the life expectancy of your trampoline is much longer!
  • Extra safe: the InGround trampolines are provided with a frame net. This prevents animals and toys from getting under the trampoline. A safe solution!
  • More stable: because this trampoline is much lower to the ground due to the shorter legs, it is more stable.
  • High jumping comfort: thanks to the special design of the frame net, the displaced air can easily escape when jumping. This makes for very smooth jumping!
  • Easy to install: the unique design makes the trampoline easy to install. The trampoline also comes with handy instructions.
  • Plenty of choice: BERG InGround Trampolines come in various shapes, sizes, colours and price qualities. In short, there is always an InGround to suit your garden. 

Dimensions of the hole for the BERG InGround Trampoline:

Diameter TrampolineDiameter holeDepth hole 
430 cm390 cmmin. 75 cm
380 cm340 cmmin. 75 cm
330 cm290 cmmin. 75 cm
270 cm230 cmmin. 75 cm

For the BERG InGround Eazyfit (rectangular trampoline) these are the dimensions:

Diameter trampolineDiameter holeDepth hole
220x330 cm170x280 cmmin. 75cm

How do you sink the trampoline into the ground?


Stap 1

Determine where you want to have the trampoline. Make sure that you do not place the trampoline too close to a hedge, fence, tree or plants. Allow a distance of 2 metres from other obstacles. A safe solution!

Inground 2

Step 2

Mark the location on the ground with the tape measure provided with the trampoline. Observe the sizes in the instructions provided with the trampoline. You will then know exactly where your trampoline will be installed in the garden. 

Inground digging step 3

Step 3

Are you happy with the place you have chosen for the trampoline? Then you can now start digging. Dig out the hole entirely in the shape of a bowl to the indicated depth. 

Inground digging step 4

Step 4

Once you have dug out the hole as described, you can place the trampoline on top of it. Follow the last steps of the instructions and you are ready! 

Inground trampoline hole dimensions

InGround teampoline kuil afmetingen

FlatGround trampoline hole dimensions

FlatGround teampoline kuil afmetingen