Did you know that all the steps to develop a pedal go-kart or a trampoline are carried out by BERG itself? But what do all BERG employees do to ensure that a BERG product arrives in your garden?

1. Research

First of all, a market study is carried out, to know the needs of the consumer.

2. Brainstorm

We then organize braimstorming sessions with different services. What exactly does the consumer want, and how can we develop it, what appearance should the product have, etc.

3. Sketches

It is then that we can begin the sketches, these are the first steps in the direction of the visualization of the product. They are made both by hand and using a computer.

3D design
4. 3D Design

If the proposed concepts are accepted, an engineer will transform them into 3D digital images.

5. 3D printing

To get an even more realistic idea, we make a “real life model” with different parts, for example steel, plastic and 3D printing.

6. Prototype

The making of a prototype is the next step, a first test of the model. The colleagues even go secretly to the R&D department to try to see the prototype. Sometimes a colleague rushes like a racing car in the hallway, because indeed, we cannot sell products if we are not 100% sure of them.

7. Tests

All new products must go through different (independent) tests. The tests that we run (or have run): - Use of materials, - Ergonomics, Quality, - Safety tests - Do you want more information on quality testing? You will find them here for go-karts and here for trampolines.

8. Technical drawing

If the prototype has passed all the tests, the R&D department makes the technical drawings to send them to the producers. They receive all the details to achieve what we want.

9. Production

And then "GO", everything is ready to start production. We can no longer retrace our steps and we are all impatient to see the result. In the meantime, the Sales and Marketing departments continue with the preparations, i.e. taking photos and videos, writing texts, informing resellers, etc. Let the new products arrive!

10. Control

When the new products finally arrive in Ede, a final check is made. Everything must naturally meet "BERG standards" The steps above show that everything is being done to bring the best possible product to the market. Work, passion and love for the product are the keys to the development of all (new) BERG products!