With a real BERG Pedal Go-kart, you have no more excuses for lounging on the sofa. Come on! Go outside and experience the nicest adventures. If you are still not sure whether you should buy a Pedal go-kart then read on, because after these facts, you will be convinced.

  • • That BERG has more than 30 different pedal go-karts in its product range? So there is a nice theme or fantastic colour for everyone.
  • • That on Marktplaats, a top 10 is compiled each year of the search words which parents use to search articles for their children. Pedal Go-karts are also included!
  • • That playing outside is good for children’s concentration? Romping around outside is great and super good for kids.
  • • That playing outside is also very healthy for your emotional and physical health? All the more reason to go outside and pedal go-kart.
  • • That pedal go-karting contributes to good vehicle skills and the development of traffic awareness, which, of course, can be very beneficial later on when learning to cycle or drive a car!
  • • That, as a pedal go-kart rider, you are a pedestrian and may therefore also drive off-road in the woods on your go-kart.
  • • That BERG Pedal Go-karts have an adjustable seat steering wheel? Your go-kart will last for many years. And when your children no longer play on it, you can easily give it to another family, because that’s how good the quality is.
  • • That a Brazilian once travelled on a BERG Pedal Go-kart from Paris to South Africa for charity? His name is Pedal Joe!

Find an BERG pedal go-kart that lives up your wishes.

BERG Black edition
BERG Duo Chopper