Just like a real car, your cool BERG Pedal Go-kart also needs a periodic technical inspection. Ask an adult to help you. You are the mechanic! Ready for the periodic technical inspection?

Download the technical inspection form to immediately tick off all the points!

Stap 1

Step 1: Check the tyres

Check the tyres. Are they all still hard? If not, you will need to pump them up. Your cool BERG Pedal Go-kart will go even faster with hard tyres!


Step 2: The loose screw test

The loose screw test. Are all the screws firmly screwed on? Loose screws should be screwed in tightly with a screwdriver. It is much safer and you can surely do it yourself!

Stap 3

Step 3: Check the steering wheel

Check the steering wheel. Do a quick round on your cool BERG Pedal Go-kart. Does the steering wheel steer easily in all directions? If not, then it needs oiling. Use some silicon spray to spray the ball bearings with.

Stap 4

Step 4: The growth test

Perhaps you have grown in the meantime and your BERG Pedal Go-kart is a bit small for you. No problem, it can be adjusted. It’s very easy: lift it up and move it backwards!

Stap 5

Step 5: Emergency stop

Emergency stop. Do another round on your BERG Pedal Go-kart. Brake hard a couple of times. Are the brakes OK? If the brakes are stiff, use a bit of silicon spray here too.

Stap 6

Step 6: The car wash

The car wash. Your cool BERG Pedal Go-kart needs to be shiny! A bucket, some soapy water and a cloth will have it shiny in no time.

All finished? My, you have been busy! Your BERG Pedal Go-kart has passed its periodic technical inspection! You can now safely tear around the neighbourhood in your shiny go-kart.