Did you know that BERG started making go-karts in 1985? We started developing, producing, selling and innovating trampolines much later. Even before selling BERG trampolines in 2002, the trampoline was already a big invention in the world. But how is the first trampoline made?

The history of the trampoline goes back to the moment of a circus act. George Nissen went to the circus in 1930; full of amazement he watched the trapeze artists fall into a net with springs. He believed it was a good idea if the artists could jump even higher after dropping into the net. And so George Nissen started working on his own invention…

The first ‘trampoline’ was invented by him in 1934. This trampoline consisted of a canvas that was attached to a steel frame. Some springs were attached and it was registered as ‘Trampoline’. It soon proved to be popular in the United States, which meant the trampoline would be further expanded and thought was given to even safer and better jumping pleasure.   

The trampoline was used more and more, also on a professional level. The first world championships trampolining were in London, 1964. In the year 2000, trampolining officially became an Olympic sport.

It’s amazing to see how one creative idea can lead to such a great invention. From a canvas attached to a frame, to an Olympic sport.