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"Jumping is a beautiful movement which creates the feeling of being free."

Louis is a great asset to the BERG Masters of Bounce crew, since he has many world first titles on gymnastics and garden trampolines. We love his amazing twisting skills, videos, g-tramp reviews and his enthusiasm! Welcome to the crew Louis!


Why did you start jumping?
Before I started trampolining I loved scootering. As I started to progress at scootering I used the trampoline to learn flips to transfer into my scootering. As time went on I noticed I had potential in trampolining. This is thanks to discovering youtubers like other master of bounce member Jesse Heffels. I then found out the gtramp community lived on Instagram therefore, I set up my flipping account ‘Louis.Flipz’ in may 2017. From then on I fell in love with the sport.

What is the coolest trick you are able to do right now?
The coolest trick I could do right now with no warm up would be a ‘killer’. With such a cool name comes such a cool trick. A Quadruple twisting double backflip. This is a trick I love to do to impress people who have never seen freestyle trampolining!

Which trick do you want to learn?
Right now I would love to learn some skills which are not common within the community. For example the toilet bowl. I would love to master this trick at some point.

On which trick have you practiced the longest? (how long does it take)
123456 in Cody’s my biggest and best trick / achievement so far in my career as a freestyle trampolinist. This trick was really in the making for 3 years. Back in 2018 I did my first 1234 in Cody’s. At the time 12345 in Cody’s was considered almost ‘impossible’ yet a man named Robin Hager proved the community wrong and did it. This inspired me immensely. A year later I became the second person to do 12345 in Cody’s. Then came the thought of 123456 which sounded stupid even to myself. A year after this following lots of training it became a possibility and during the summer of 2021 I worked hard for weeks while in Europe and completed my dream of becoming the first person to do 123456 in cody’s.

What motivates you?
A number of things! The main thing which motivates me is watching other flippers that I love. For example I could be sitting down doing nothing, then I see a new post from a crazy flipper and straight away I get out of bed and go straight to the trampoline to train.

Is there someone who has inspired you to start jumping?
My early inspirations when I started were Cam Shorey, Rennie and Lukas White. Three ‘OG’ American flippers. Then came Robin Hager someone who proved the whole community wrong gaining a number of unbelievable worlds firsts tricks. Not just his technique, power and rotation but his mindset towards his tricks really impacted the way that I flipped from then on. I still scroll through his account for hours on end to look how I can improve.

What feeling does jumping give you?
Jumping is a beautiful movement which creates many feelings. Firstly it creates this amazing and hard to explain feeling of being free. As well as this I truly believe it is a really healthy thing to do for the mind as a stress reliever and mind clearer. I would recommend everyone to jump on a trampoline for 10 minutes a day which could help then with many things.

Which BERG Trampoline do you have and what do you think of it?
I have a Berg ULTIM ELITE 500 and an inground Berg Champion. I love both of these trampolines! The ULTIM ELITE 500 is great as it provides great quality and safety for bouncing which is perfect for my tricks. Having the in-ground circle is also amazing as I can really focus on training my twisting.

Why did you choose to collaborate with BERG?
I chose to collaborate with Berg because I have always loved their trampolines. When I started gtramp most of my idols in the UK had berg trampolines and they were changing the game performing incredible tricks and combos. The fact that Berg have been constantly around me during my time flipping it has really attracted me to create a great collaboration.

What do you think about BERG and the collaboration with BERG?
I think Berg are an incredible trampoline brand. They provide trampolines for all needs. Whether it’s for beginners, intermediates or Pros they have it! As well as this Berg have great customer service and a team of lovely people.

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