2002 / Switzerland


"To see other people’s progress keeps me progressing."

Manuel joined the crew by winning the BERG Masters of Bounce for a year contest. He surprised us with his amazing gymnastics trampoline skills, his editing skills and his lovely personality! He will provide us many more content on his new BERG Champion trampoline.


Why did you start jumping?
I started jumping because I always loved to jump from the diving platforms as a kid and I saw people doing backflips from like 3m and that was the craziest thing for me so I tried it to. I was so pumped that I learned it so fast that I wanted to learn more tricks like this but I‘ve never had the opportunity because my mom and I couldn't afford a trampoline and we also had no space for one. A few years later (I was like 15 years old) a trampoline park called Bouncelab opened up and and a good friend of mine told me we should go there and check it out. I was so enthusiastic that I went there more and more often, even without mine colleagues and made friends in the park who had the same passion as me. And thats how my freestyle trampolin „career“ started.

Which trick do you want to learn?
I would like to learn fullfullfull‘s landed because I can do them to stomach but landed looks so much cooler and is also way harder. Another trick I would like to learn is quint full because twisting is such a nice thing to do and the amount of combos you can do with it is crazy.

On which trick have you practiced the longest? (how long does it take)
I think it was 1234 in backflips because I literally tried it for like three months and I couldn’t get it. I almost gave up but my friends kept pushing me so I had to try it again till I got the trick. Also kaboom fullfullfull was really hard to get. I had to rework my entire kaboom tech fot this trick and thats wasn’t easy at all.

What motivates you?
My biggest motivation are my flipping friends and overall just the whole flipping community. To see other people's progress keeps me progressing and the support of my friends is the best motivation I could’ve asked for.

What feeling does jumping give you?
Jumping gives me the feeling of freedom and independence. flipping helps me when I'm stressed and angry also it calms me down in every life situation.

Which BERG Trampoline do you have and what do you think of it?
I have the BERG CHAMPION GREEN 430 (14ft) and I like it so much!

What do you think about BERG and the collaboration with BERG?
I‘m so thankful for this opportunity to collaborate with BERG and I really like the events they organize for the community. And I really like the BERG merchandise :)

BERG Action photo