BERG Ultim Champion (+ AirFlow Pro)

BERG Ultim Champion (+ AirFlow Pro)
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BERG Ultim Champion (+ AirFlow Pro)

At BERG we want to inspire children to play outdoors more. Trampolining is a fun and healthy activity. With a BERG trampoline you can be sure of many years of playing pleasure and a safe trampoline. You can choose between a round, oval or rectangular trampoline. You also have the choice of a trampoline on legs, or a buried trampoline. With so many different types and sizes, BERG offers the right trampoline for every garden. With a BERG trampoline you can do the coolest jumps, and you'll definitely be the best in your neighbourhood.

The plus points of a BERG trampoline:

  • * More than 35 years of experience developing outdoor toys
  • * Use of child-friendly and high-quality materials
  • * Comprehensively tested trampolines to be able to guarantee safety
  • * Up to 13 years' warranty on your BERG trampoline

The BERG Champion trampoline has an extended lifetime. With its fresh look the BERG Champion is THE trampoline for the jumper who already has some experience. The Champion trampoline has an extended lifetime. Because the top and bottom layer is made of thick PVC, the protective edge lasts much longer. With the AirFlow Pro jumping cloth you'll jump even higher. AirFlow Pro, our newest jumping cloth, lets no less than 150% more air pass through than a standard jumping cloth. On trampolines with TwinSpring springs, the springs are arranged in a V. This makes the perfect jump area considerably larger than on a trampoline with a conventional spring. A BERG Champion will last for many years due to the excellent quality. You receive no less than 10 years' warranty on the frame.

A rectangular trampoline

On a rectangular trampoline you can jump to the full over the entire length. The jumps made on a rectangular trampoline are easier to control. That's why rectangular trampolines are used in The Olympic top sport. In addition, due to the rectangular shape, the trampoline also fits well in the garden.

A trampoline on legs (Regular)

If you prefer not to dig a hole in your garden, a trampoline on legs is a good option. A trampoline on legs is simple to install and move. A trampoline on legs is also visible in your garden.

Deluxe safety net

A safety net fully encloses the trampoline for optimum safety. The Deluxe safety net is a very high-quality net material. The sturdy bent poles ensure extra safety. The Deluxe net has a self-closing entrance, making it even safer than a net with a zip.

Accessories for a trampoline on legs

To fully complete your trampoline, you can extend your trampoline with our trampoline accessories. Make trampolining even safer with the combination of a safety net and a BERG ladder. Protect your trampoline in the winter with the BERG cover and fix it firmly with an anchor set.

While trampolining, measure all your jumping, tricks, airtime, and spin speeds with the BERG AirHive jump tracker. And with the BERG Basketball TwinHoop you can experience even more pleasure during trampolining! So that you land safely during your tricks, BERG also has various Spotting mats.


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Manual trampoline


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