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Note: A warranty period of 1 year for the frame and parts applies to BERG products for the rental market. Only the Elite InGround models without a safety net and AeroWall are suitable for public use.


The crowd-puller for every holiday park
Of all the trampolines, the best jumps are made on the BERG Ultim Elite FlatGround. The trampoline measures 5 x 3 metres, which provides an enormous amount of jumping space! On a rectangular trampoline, jumps can be made over the entire length and width. The AirFlow jumping mat and the TwinSpring springs ensure extra high and supple jumps. The Ultim Elite has been designed with care, which has resulted in a very safe trampoline. The BERG FlatGround trampolines blend in completely with the surroundings. This is because the protective edge of the trampoline is completely level with the ground. This makes the trampoline easier to step onto.

BERG Ultim Elite

Ultim Elite FlatGround

The Ultim Elite FlatGround trampoline is available in grey and black and measures 5 x 3 metres.

This is what makes the BERG Ultim Elite so fantastic!


Rectangular shape for a greater jumping surface

Just like the Olympic trampolines, this Ultim Elite is rectangular in shape. This ensures superfine jumps over the entire length and width of the trampoline.


Blends in completely with the surroundings

A FlatGround Trampoline integrates seamlessly. The protective edge of the trampoline is level with the ground. This makes the trampoline unobtrusive and easy to step onto.


UV resistant PVC ensures extra long lifespan

The padding is manufactured from the highest quality UV resistant PVC, which means the Elite padding will outlast other BERG paddings.


Better jumps with Airflow and TwinSpring

The air permeability of the AirFlow jumping mat combined with the TwinSpring springs provide a larger jumping surface, resulting in higher jumps.


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