When you're on vacation, going away for a weekend or a day out, the child in you often comes out to play again. So you, as an adult, want to try that go-kart, which the children normally ride. With the BERG XL and XXL go-karts, there is something for everyone. You can safely hit the road on these sturdy go-karts from the age of five. The frame is very strong and the seat is adjustable, so that even the largest of the bunch can easily join in too.
Specifically designed for the rental market
The BFR frame is available in an XL and XXL version. The XL frame is suitable for adults up to 1.90 metres long. The XXL frame is designed for people who are slightly taller. The XXL frame has no less than 8 (instead of 6) seat positions and is 10 cm longer. To compensate for the often slightly higher weight, the frame has also been reinforced. As a result, young or old, big or small fit in the BFR go-kart. This frame is, of course, also equipped with pneumatic tyres, BFR and a swing axle.



XL or XXL frame

Go-karting is great for young and old, big and small. And if you are extra tall, you can choose the XXL version of the BERG go-kart instead of the XL version. The frame is more than 10 cm longer and that makes just the difference if you are taller than 1.90 m.


Equipped with BFR Drive

For smooth and safe driving, the go-kart is equipped with BFR. The abbreviation BFR stands for Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. Braking is done intuitively, by pedaling back, so that you come to a stop immediately.


Electrical support (E-BFR)

We are becoming more and more accustomed to electric drive. As an extension of electric cars and bicycles, this go-kart is also available in an E-BFR version. Great if you are not quite so fit or just want to enjoy an extra lazy holiday..


Swing axle

With a little force on the pedals, the speed is already there. Good road holding is then especially important. The swing axle ensures balance and grip even in the tightest turns. So everyone can travel safely.


Adjustable seat

The seat is adjustable in 6 positions, so that you always have a good seat on the go-kart. For the extra tall drivers, the XXL version even has 8 different seat positions.


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