Extra heavy quality for professional use

What's more fun than exploring your holiday park with a go-kart? The Buddy Pro turns every child into an enthusiastic driver. With this professional go-kart, you can drive safely and stably on the road. The seat is easy to adjust and the extra wear-resistant pneumatic tyres offer optimum driving comfort. The Buddy Pro is equipped with extra strong steering knuckles for intensive daily use.
Specifically designed for the rental market
BERG offers rental/leisure companies a junior go-kart that has been strengthened in various places to make the product suitable for heavy-duty use. The Buddy Pro, for example, is equipped with extra wear-resistant tyres, a reinforced steering system and extra-thick axles. If you are looking for quality and do not want to perform monthly maintenance, the BERG Buddy Pro is a smart choice.

BERG Buddy Pro

BERG Buddy USP 1

Extra wear-resistant tyres

Extra wear-resistant pneumatic tyres offer optimum driving comfort. The BERG go-kart drives silently over any surface. You just have to inflate the tyres every now and then and they will last for years.

BERG Buddy USP 2

Suitable for intensive use

The Buddy Pro is specially designed for intensive daily use. That is why the knuckles are reinforced and the tyres are extra wear-resistant.

BERG Buddy USP 3

Brake freewheel reverse (BFR)

Because you can't always move forward, the Buddy Pro is equipped with Brake Freewheel Reverse (BFR). You brake with your pedals and as soon as you stand still, you can immediately continue backwards. A child intuitively feels how that works.

BERG Buddy USP 4

Adjustable seat

Children are not all the same. That is why you can easily adjust the seat. The Buddy Pro offers the perfect seat for every child between the ages of 3 and 8.


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