The single and duo chopper for professional use


Perfect for when you go off on an adventure on your own or together
On the BERG Chopper BFR you look just like a really cool motorbike rider! The three wheels are what make this go-kart special, just like a real chopper. The pneumatic tyres ensure a very comfortable ride. The BERG Duo Chopper BF is also extremely manoeuvrable due to the small turning circle. Two people can race around on this go-kart. The co-rider’s seat can be removed so that the co-rider can stand on the platform and lean into the curves. This go-kart is suitable for children from the age of 5.

BERG Chopper BFR

BERG Chopper BFR

BERG Duo Chopper BF

BERG Duo Chopper BF

This makes the BERG Specials so fantastic!


Removable seat

The BERG Duo Chopper has a removable seat. The passenger can then stand as well as sit, which makes it even more exciting.


Easy steering due to the BF/BFR system

The Duo Chopper is equipped with a BF hub and therefore a coaster brake and handbrake. Due to the adjustable seat, the Duo Chopper is suitable for children from the age of 5.


Extremely small turning circle

Both the BERG Chopper and Duo Chopper have a very small turning circle. This makes them extremely manoeuvrable and great fun to ride.


Fun for one (or two)

The BERG Chopper is available as a single Chopper or as a Duo Chopper.


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