Trampoline Inground (13)

Sink your trampoline into the ground! It is very safe and looks nice and tidy!

Trampoline Regular (7)

The most popular trampoline: round, often with a green protective edge and approximately 70 90 cm high.

Trampoline Square (2)

A rectangular trampoline can sometimes fit better in your garden. View our rectangular trampolines here.

Trampoline Sports series (7)

Want to know a fun way of training your fitness level, strength and coordination? Trampolining! For the real sports fanatics, BERG is launching the Sports Series on the market!
Trampolines Tips

Trampolines Tips

Top class trampolining! On the best trampoline, of course! At BERG, you have come to the right address. BERG trampolines are the bounciest, the best quality and have the ‘Safest Choice’ label!


BERG can guarantee high product safety and quality for all its products.

  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Design
  • Fun
  • Durable
  • Quality