Service and Warranty

BERG Service and Warranty
BERG stands for quality. Combined with multi-year warranties on our toys, it also guarantees a great deal of playtime pleasure, sometimes even for generations! Right from the initial development of our toys we take all the possible circumstances into account. Before a product reaches the market, it is tested extensively by us and international testing agencies. For each BERG product you will also find extensive instructions, describing how best to maintain your toy.

Nevertheless, occasionally something may go wrong. Over time certain components may wear out. These components are available separately from BERG Toys. We guarantee that you will be able to order spare parts for your go-kart or trampoline for a period of five years after purchase. If a spare part is no longer available we will be pleased to assist you further, by searching together to discover whether a replacement part can be supplied.

The warranty period for each product is explicitly stated for every product from BERG. The warranty period varies from two years on parts and five years on most go-kart frames, up to ten years on the BERG Elite+ trampoline! Exactly how long the warranty is valid is stated in the information literature about your product. The General Warranty Terms & Conditions specifies what is covered by the warranty.

BERG Service Dealer
BERG Toys has an extensive network of service dealers. You can approach them not only with any questions about BERG products, but also for service, maintenance and warranty queries.

Something breaks during the warranty period?
See the BERG Service Dealer as soon as possible, taking the original purchase receipt with you. You will then be assisted quickly and professionally. If you bought your toys through the BERG Webshop, you will have selected a BERG Service Dealer during the purchase process. This is the dealer you should approach for service and warranty queries.

Something has broken but the warranty period has already lapsed
No problem! As already mentioned, spare parts are available separately for a long time after purchase. You can order these through the BERG Webshop or from the BERG Service Dealer. In most cases you will easily be able to replace a broken part yourself. Would you prefer to have it done by a specialist? Then leave it to the BERG Service Dealer.